Maintenance and improvement of green spaces

  • Cleaning and conservation of recreational areas.
  • Preservation of eco-cultural routes.
  • Planting and maintenance of lawn.
  • Landscape gardening.


  • Manual and mechanical clearings.
  • Thinning and pruning.
  • Vegetable waste management.

Forest Fire Prevention

  • Firebreaks and security strips.
  • Maintenance of forest trails and paths.

Maintenance of paths and verges

  • Cleaning and clearings.
  • Waste management.

Maintenance of private spaces

  • Enclosure of plots of land with green walls.
  • Land preparation, planting and maintenance.
  • Pruning.


  • Design.
  • Cleaning and land preparation.
  • Planting and maintenance of lawn.
  • Planting and maintenance of flowers, shrubs and trees.

Environmental awareness educational activities


Development of plants information cards .

Implementation of maintenance and paths signposting techniques.

Didactic guided tours aimed at the citizenry and students.

Specific training on forestry, sylvan treatments, pest control and sylvan plant nursery.

Control of forest residues and composting.

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